About Us


De Paradox Link Limited (DPL) is an international consultancy firm that connects potentials.
DPL creates an avenue for new and existing investors and idealist that is individuals with business plans by
creating a solid foundation where both parties can transact business for the creation and management of wealth.

Our Mission

Consultancy is about giving assistance and advice to individuals and companies; De paradox Link is no exception that is why it is our mission to help dreamers to reach their full potentials.
Some people get enthused about ideas and quickly get bored with it, at de paradox link it is our job to make sure every eligible idea or dream is brought to reality provided it meets the standards of having to invest in it.
While others are stuck with their business ideas and dreams due to financial blockage which is the prime concern of the company to give hope and make those dreams a reality.
At De Paradox Link, we give clarity to the absurd creative minds by carefully polishing and readjusting it till its attractive enough for investment. We do not limit ideas and we believe in every business idea deserves an opportunity.

Mission Statement

  • To seek, create and expand enterprises in the country and to help create awareness in youth mobilization and employment towards industrialization.
  • Transform ideas into reality.
  • To grow strong creative minds as a sense of purpose for skilled and unemployed in the country.
  • Be a pathfinder and trendsetter to expand business opportunities.

Goals / Objective

  • Top of mind consultancy firm by 2025
  • Most credible consultancy firm on the continent.

Know Our Departments

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